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With your ruler, innovative Uranus heading into your domestic fourth house for seven years this March 6, Chateau Aquarius could become the de facto office for one of your brilliant side hustles. Work with women could also take flight, especially if it has an activist or humanitarian bent. Has good help been hard to find? July's solar eclipse could deliver an amazing assistant or service provider who can take some of the labor off of your hands.

Get ready for a profound release of fears, limiting beliefs and other subconscious blocks that have dogged you for a long time. This can be a powerful year for doing forgiveness work, breaking addictions, and starting a meditative practice. A solar eclipse in your fitness sector on July 2 could help you kick off a clean eating or exercise program. Welcome to the collaboration station—your favorite place to be! In , you'll have expansive, excitable Jupiter in your 11th house, which will widen your social circle and boost popularity.

Horoscope for February for Scorpio

Seek out groups that speak to your ideals—and where you feel comfortable being your quirkiest self. When your ruler, unpredictable Uranus, settles into your home and family sector for seven years this March, change could sweep through the most personal parts of your life. From a relocation to baby news to relatives in need, the universe could toss a few curveballs your way. It might take a village to sail through these new challenges with your trademark cool!

Indie-spirited Jupiter bounds through your platonic eleventh house, piquing your desire for fun and intellectual connection. Though you're a hopeless romantic, will prove to you that friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship. For singles and couples, love take a lighthearted leap.

Paired up? Load the shared calendar with cultural activities; curate a mutual friend group and entertain together as a duo. But don't worry—you'll still have chances to sate your fairy-tale streak, especially on March 19 and April 20, when a rare double-header or full moons in Libra lights a bonfire in your eighth house or erotic and enduring!

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On July 2, a Cancer solar eclipse in your passionate fifth house may bring surprises, like an engagement, pregnancy, or a legendary love affair. Keep your eyes on the prize, Pisces, because could be your most lucrative professional year in over a decade.

With enterprising Jupiter making money moves in your prestigious tenth house, you could embark on a totally new career path, relocate for work, or step into an executive leadership role. Prefer to keep it analog?

You may find a fulfilling role in a humanitarian organization or a path that plays to your activism leanings. And, with destabilizing Uranus making a permanent exit from your money sector on March 6, your cash flow should start to stabilize after eight unpredictable years. But healing comet Chiron starts its own eight-year voyage through your finance house in February, so work towards banishing the scarcity mindset and building a sense of deserving.

Group fitness will keep you motivated in , as disciplined Saturn lunges through your eleventh house of community all year. You could find a yoga studio that suits your social style, and even travel with your "shala squad" for a weeklong retreat, especially near the January 21 or July 16 eclipses. Hiking meetups, cycling clubs, even training for a marathon could be in the cards!

And with "no limits" Jupiter in your disciplined tenth house, you could be the star pupil of sunrise power Vinyasa or the unlikely fitness fanatic slaying at spin. Give your friend list a major review! With status-conscious Saturn and discerning Pluto in your community zone for the second full year, you'll continue to see that your life is shaped by the company you keep. In January, July and December, a trio of eclipses will shake up your circle, sweeping away people who don't reflect your highest self—and putting you in contact with new crowds.

You could end the year with a completely revamped contact list—and some impressive names on the roster to boot. With unpredictable Uranus beginning a seven-year tour through your family zone on March 6, your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative may be especially challenging as one or both of you strives for greater independence.

Skip to content Skype and air miles will be your friend for Two eclipses in your career house sandwich the year for you. Decan 1 Aries Horoscope October And once lucky Jupiter joins the Capricorn coterie for a year, starting December 2, , you could launch your own venture or win a well-deserved seat at the executive table.

Free Weekly Horoscopes, Annual Forecasts Surrender is the key to serenity when it comes to family in With Jupiter in your compassionate twelfth house, you could veer into codependent terrain if you try to play fixer.

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Aries Horoscope. Today's Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, July's solar eclipse could deliver an amazing assistant or service provider who can take some of the labor off of your hands. Pamela Georgel. My name is Pam and I'm a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. The Queen of Wands. MY IG Instagram is : verooshtarot or below. Stormie Grace. COM Feel free to email and definitely like the Facebook. See you soon!

Retira a la persona que no quieres! She has a reputation as telling you what you need to know with compassion and not what you may hope to hear. But you may find our online card reading surprisingly accurate! I think of home. Please enter your birth details so my system can calulate where the planets and stars were on your birthday.

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