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I am very much satisfied with her readings and remedies told. Thank you so much. She has a very strong personality and one of the best learned astrologer I have ever met. Awesome person totally accurate… i look upto her for Any situation that i need clarity of…. God bless her. Deepali astro is the best astro in noida. Miss Deepali is best astrologer in noida. She has great knowledge of astrology. She make very useful pridictions and makes correct pridictions.

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Miss Deepali is best astrologer in Noida. She has good experience. She is nice astrologer with fruitful remedies. Deepali Astro believes that every human is connected with a particular wavelength and frequency which needs to be fixed time to time. Astrology is a method of calculating the events that occur around us.

Be it past, present or future. The basis of astrology is related to solar system. This system was used by our ancient sages and saints, due to deep meditation and development of inner consciousness, they were able to predict the time , date , Nakshatra etc. As time passed, more advancement was made and the knowledge got more systematic and deeper. To make the calculations easier, sun is taken as a planet and accordingly planets were formed. It is believed that when a native is born then the effect and position of the planets in the sky at that time is seen.

Meaning of Jyotish: The word Jyoti means light , thus astrology throws light on the various aspects of human life and astrology is called as a eyes of Vedas or shruti Indian literature. There are 2 important aspects of astrology one is mathematics astronomy, study of planets and prediction astrology. Astrologer is like a light or a torch bearer who can bring you from darkness to light.

Astrologer or a tarot card reader cannot be proclaimed as a magician. Precautions are always better then cure.

Most important and effective way is to do good deeds or karmas so to clear the karmic blockages. By seeing the planets and their positions in the relevant houses an astrologer predicts the health aspects and also provide remedies for the same. According to Hindu mythology, every object of significance has a spirit. This includes the planets, nature, the earth, creatures, rivers and oceans and so on.

Certain highly evolved beings gained the blessings of the Gods through their deeds and spiritual awakening and were conferred as the deities of each planet. These deities became the guiding forces of the spirit of each planet. The planets symbolizes these deities and have the characteristics of their respective deity. In astrology, the Sun and Moon are included as planets, although astronomically, they are not. In Vedic astrology planets are assigned different qualities which determine their characteristics and hence their influences in a chart. Poojas or mantras chanting are an effective way to connect with the higher force , it is either yantra , tantra and mantra through which we can connect with the higher self.

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In astrology it is believed that each planet is controlled by deites , so in order to remove the malefic effects of any planet , either the vedic mantra jaaps of that planet should be done in a desired quantity or mantra chanting should be done of the respective deity. Conducting pooja and havan creates positive effect in the environment and removes negativity. The environment itself gets purified and the positive energy circulates in the mind body and soul of the natives. Pooja and rituals are always believed to have positive results and bring prosperity and rejuvenates the soul.

Chanting generates specific vibrations which could be easily tested or monitored. These gemstones receive their correspondent radiation from the corresponding planet and allow a particular type of energy to pass through your body, through which you feel the self improvement. Stones absorb the cosmic energy from celestial bodies and use it on your body to provide the relevant help. Gems receive the cosmic energies of the planets in the form of color-coded frequencies through our solar system and infuse it into our body through a ring or pendant.

The quality and carat or ratti are important in wearing the same. However in most of the cases , every gem stone has a specific life and should be worn under an specific guidance of astrologer or guru. These stones work as an talismans for individuals and at times good luck charm also but its important to choose the good stone and should be worn after performing rituals or process as advised by the astrologer to get the desired result. Extra marital affairs , discord in marriages , hunt to get quick money , running after the materialistic pleasures are the root cause of the problems that humans face.

And not only Kasautii, many other television shows were offered to her, she said no to every show. The year-old actor who started her career with theatre, says she never imposes her thoughts on her daughter.

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She wants to be an actress; she has already decided that if she will do anything in her life then it will be related to this industry. She never demands anything She will not pester me or fight or cry for it. Her deadline in the night is 8. No matter where she goes. She has to come back, and she comes back without having me fight with her.

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The name stands for "river in the moonlight". This name originated from old Indus civilization. The devas also known as suras in Hinduism maintaine the realms as ordained by the Trimurti and are often warring with their equally powerful counterparts, the Asuras The Ganga is another name for the Ganges river that runs through India. In Hinduism the Ganges is believed to be a holy, sacred river, the embodiment of the goddess Ganga In ancient time, it was the name of a queen.

Parvathi is wife of Lord Shiva. HORA f Sanskrit , Indian , Hindi "horoscope", "horoscopy", "hour" ,a branch of traditional Indian astrology dealing with finer points of predective methods".

This is also the name of a figure in Hinduism and Buddhism and the name of a river in Myanmar Irrawaddy. He is often identified with the deity Shiva.