March 18 numerology

Consider what you want for your future, and start organizing your life around creating it. Your plan must involve a series of changes, brought together at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, and among the right people. More time must pass, and more understanding must be gained before a certain discomfort can be eased. Patience and attention to detail are vital. There is a gap that needs to be bridged. Be honest with yourself about the true cause of the problem and you will discover how to heal it. Whatever happens, do not let guilt or blame get the upper hand.

Guilt is making you feel responsible for something that could not have been handled any differently at the time. You need to soothe those erratic thoughts which tell you that you have no right to feel anything other than guilt. You are a free spirit. You have choices. And you have every right to feel the optimism that is trying to filter its way through that wall-of-doubt which guilt has been silently building.

This is a 9-book collectable set. Buy one book — or more — or buy all 9 books and get one free. Free Book does not apply to Kindle. This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on , and what you have to work with.

You may wonder where all your energy is coming from since you are dealing with a situation that is far from settled — dealing with it every day — day in and day out. However, this cycle really does bring movement to the stagnation, breaks the monotony, and clears the air. Many details must be considered.

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This is an opportunity to take responsibility in a way that relieves ongoing tension and benefits others as well as yourself. In your urge to keep it all private, be sure you are not wasting precious time and energy on a needless cover-up. After all, people already know you. Slowly begin putting your ideas into concrete form. Just remember this month is better used for planning than bold action. In this video, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the significance of , which is a 3 Universal Year.

You can always tweak and adjust along the way. All the same, decisive action is the theme for the 8 Month of March. In order to move the needle, you must step into your self-confidence and personal power—and think in business-like terms. Money is on your mind, and you could make strides to advance your own financial future; or it could be a month where you sustain a few losses.

Tap into your resilience and go with the changes. This is a progressive time, meant for stretching and enlightening you. Network with powerful people and watch the doors of opportunity swing open again.

Born On The 18th? (Numerology Of 18)

The month of March will be swirling with experiences relating to home, family, responsibility, and relationships. A number of matters that have been pending since the beginning of the year rise to the surface in March, a 9 Month for your 6 Personal Year. This is truly a duty-filled month that will test your relationships on a variety of levels. You may be busy tying up loose ends or deciding to let a few things to fall away.

Loosen your grip on the old stuff that needs to be cast off. A 6 Personal Year focuses on evaluating the relationships in your life, forcing you to get up-close and personal about your own style of relating. Caring is a two-way street. Yet know that in March, the next chapter is being born.

Grab any opportunity you can to study or do research on areas of life that feel stuck or on-hold. The 7 Personal Year has been drawing your attention to intellectual affairs and spiritual matters. March is perfect for meditating, working on creative projects or spending quiet time in nature. To optimize the energies of the contemplative 7 Personal Year with the independence and initiation of the 1 Personal Month, ferret out some knowledge-building opportunities.

The 8 Personal Year demands concerted effort, good judgment, and business efficiency. But ready yourself for some delays and heightened emotions. They have a passionate and understanding demeanor and also possess a good sense of humor.

BORN ON THE 18th OF MARCH? Learn your future -

The life path number three has an abundance of creative expressive energy and are great in all areas of communication. They make great writers, singers, actors, performers and broadcasters. The Life Path number three is optimistic and finds the positive in almost everything around them. They have a charismatic personality and are conscious of others, making others feel very comfortable in their presence.

This can lead to procrastination. They need a structured and disciplined environment in order to progress. Most are social butterflies and they love to be the center of attention with their inspiring attitudes. They are organized, systematic, methodical and do not give up easily.

Understand Your Life Path Numerology

They establish a solid foundation and slowly and steadily climb their way to the top. Craving justice and honesty, fours are reliable and dependable to society. They are loyal to the ones they love, and work well in groups and with others. Most fours make good parents and are great in committed relationships. They are master planners and builders and are very cerebral.

Most fours must be careful to not become so stuck in their ways that they become stubborn in their thinking and dealings with others. Fives love travel , variety and are more curious than a cat when it comes to experiencing all life has to offer. Their uncanny way of motivating others can lead them toward a career in sales, advertising, promotions, public relations or politics.

Although fives have a hard time settling down, due to a fear that they will lose their freedom, once committed they are very faithful and loyal to the end. Life Path number fives are very persuasive and should use their powers wisely and for the good of all involved. The Life Path number six has a strong focus on home and family.

They are nurturing, caring, loving, compassionate and make excellent caregivers. Because the six is so giving they can find it difficult to balance between helping and enabling others. They are often wonderful parents, providing safe and loving homes. They are also generous, kind and attractive and frequently put others before themselves.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The goal for the Life Path number six is to avoid carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and to avoid taking on the burdens of others. They will do well in business as they have charm and charisma and can use it to attract to the people and situations they need to help them advance. The Life Path number seven has a very spiritual side. They are attracted to the unknown and to solving the mysteries of life. They are also known as a loner of sorts.

Sevens need time alone to recharge. They enjoy their privacy. They need to guard themselves against too much isolation or from becoming too withdrawn. By indulging in this behavior, they could cut themselves off from the joys of close companionship with friends and family. Sevens are late bloomers and by middle age they start to reach their refinement. They have great spiritual potential. The Life Path number seven is the number of higher awareness and they need to work on cultivating their faith to avoid escapism through drugs, work, alcohol, etc.

If you are a Life Path number eight, then you know the material world all too well and have a great talent for all business matters. Number eights attract financial success to them almost effortlessly by possessing the ability to inspire people to join their quest. They must be careful not to be too greedy or to let their material possessions dominate their lives or they could risk losing it all. Eights are naturally attracted to positions of power or influence and do well in the field of law, publishing, business, finance and positions of high status.