January 6 horoscope

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Not only is there an eclipse on your birthday but changes planet Uranus moves in your favour, too. So how can you possibly lose? A solar eclipse in the career area of your chart means you can succeed if you really want to. No matter how many times you have failed in the past you WILL get it right now — so get at it and be the very best you can be.

Set yourself some kind of challenge this week, and the more difficult it is the better. Cosmic activity in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn means that what may seem like an impossible task to other people will come easy to you.

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If you think too rationally this week you could limit yourself to a smaller than necessary range of possibilities. If you want something enough you can find a way to make it happen, even if your Gemini logic circuits say it cannot be done. Make an effort to talk to people this week, even the kind of people you would usually cross the road to avoid. If you find out what they think and how they feel it could lead to solutions to some of your own very personal issues.

However tough a problem may seem to you now the planets indicate that if you focus on it to the exclusion of everything else you will find a solution quite quickly, maybe even in a matter of hours.

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  5. Do you listen to your inner voice? You should. This is one of the best weeks of the year for you as a solar eclipse in the most dynamic area of your chart endows you with an unlimited supply of energy. What is it you really, really want to accomplish? Follow your intuition this week, even if it leads you in directions that seem a little odd. What you do this week will take even those who know you well by surprise. The world is yours to play with as you see fit, so have fun. Uranus, planet of changes, turns in your favour again, making it easy for you to follow a path that you felt unable to explore in the latter part of Now, at last, you can go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

    Tonight: Be patient. Your focus is on your home and on the possible need for change. Others might not agree. Tonight: Relax, and get into a favorite TV series. Speak your mind, but don't expect others to be positive or to agree with you. You might even shock a loved one with what you share. Give this person time to re-evaluate and process what you have said.

    Incorporate a stress-buster into your day. Tonight: Head to a favorite spot. Pressure builds; unfortunately, this tension revolves around your budget and spending. Someone close to you might not see eye to eye with you. Consider separating your mutual financial investments. If you do, the two of you will be better friends.

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    Tonight: Go with the flow. You could be off-kilter and want to do something in a different way. For now, decide to maintain your natural role and support the status quo. Someone in the same situation will give you all the reasons you need to reverse your mindset. Tonight: Ponder the pros and cons.

    January 6 Zodiac

    You seem to be withdrawn and feeling the need to keep a secret. In truth, you are weighing the pros and cons of an important change in your life. You have experienced so much of the unexpected that you are not sure whether change is a solution.

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    Tonight: Get into a good book. A friend or loved one could cause a change in plans. You could be surprised by how delighted you are to be around this person. You always seem to relax, laugh and enjoy life much more when he or she is around.


    Tonight: Count your change, as a mistake easily could be made. You do not have permission to post comments. You'll feel like a star this week as your popularity will put you in high demand in both business and romantic venues. If you have need of a favor, you'll likely get it with ease. Your personality and charm will have others eating out of the palm of your hand and make you the center of attention as the week unfolds. Meeting new people may be worth your while. Saunders, above, carries on the column, leading readers on a path to achieve their aspirations.

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