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They are believed to enhance the benefic effects of different planets in variant ways like by adding cosmic color to the soul of the wearer, by strengthening some specific aspects of life and by bestowing the attention and blessings of deities.

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But these effects differs even among the most significant nine planets with their variant impacts and domination upon certain planetary malefic effects. Why wear a gemstone only after consulting an Astrologer. With so many positive colors of divine gems, it also possess a darker side making us concern about its adoption as approaching a wrong gem could result in worst conditions of the wearer. Because of this, it becomes an important aspect while going through this mysterious story to see the pages explaining the methods of approaching gemstones.

At last, Gemstones are the essential part of Astrology, works by side of soothsaying of astrologers upon their studies of horoscopes as for defending the presumed malefic effects of certain planets and becomes the shield of protection from approaching hindrances and this whole acts upon their divine potent reflection recalling as paradisiacal blessings on mortal land. How to wear it - Necklace, beads, Ring, Pendants, jewelry.

Gemstones are worn in many ways from ancient times.

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But wearing a gemstones as a jewelry is different from it's use as an astrological remedy. Gemstones used in necklace, pendant or other form of jewelry would be ineffective in case of providing the astrological benefits.

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To have the proper benefits from a particular gemstones, one needs to follow the astrological procedure prescribed for wearing that gemstone and then only wear it. This process of "Pran pratishtha" connects the gemstone with its lord or planet.

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During the process, native also tells his wishes and intentions for which he is wearing that stone. This process is just like doing the pran-pratishtha of the idol of any deity which is utmost important. Know all about ruby. The section covers Identification of a ruby, properties, care, cleansing and rituals of wearing a Ruby.

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Yellow Sapphire. Yellow sapphire is the gem proposed for Jupiter which the largest and heaviest planet among Site Home About Us.

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Yellow Sapphire. Blue Sapphire. Hessonite Garnet. Cat's Eye. White Sapphire. Precious Topaz. White Coral. Astrology Consultancy. It is a rare but naturally occurring mineral that is formed by carbon and the most easily found diamonds are found in yellow and brown colours. However, the whole jewelry industry has always favored the colorless diamonds and it is the sparkling colorless, shiny and glittery piece of diamond that has found relevance in the astrological uses and purposes and as the gemstone for the planet of Venus.

The stone of diamond is said to be blessed by having the divine powers and influence of the planet Venus or Shukra as it is commonly known in Hindi, for it is the ruling planet for the same. In astrology, the planet of Venus is considered as a benefic planet and signifies the presence of love, luxury, the charm of life ad all beautiful things in life.

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  • Therefore, a diamond is best advised for the people who are and who want to make a career in entertainment and art industry. Venus is a planet of luxury, beauty, prosperity, love, and sex.