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I caught up with Chani to understand her work and world better. Every month I do a new moon workshop and go through the astrology for each sign - new moon to new moon.

How to Make Astrology Your Day Job

I look at the lunar cycle for each sign and give people auspicious times to work with and rituals for the new moon. I offer meditations and writing reflections and readings for them. I also teach courses that are about your astrological chart.

One of my main passions is to give people the tools to learn how to understand their own chart. Readings are really great to get from an astrologer, but nothing is as fulfilling as understanding how the planets work with your own chart and how to work with them, and it unlocks an incredible amount of agency.

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Yes absolutely. I grew up feeling connected to the world. It was a radical community that was very anti-institution and corporation. Before I became an astrologer, I worked in community centres, with queer and trans youth, I worked with community planning….

Star signs, horoscopes: Are you making the biggest astrology mistake?

The major world religions come from societies where people were living in according to nature, and time is marked with a lot of emphasis. In Judaism we celebrate the new moon - every month it is celebrated. We are lunar people.

Holidays, Christmas, Easter, are clustered around equinoxes for a reason. The marking of time is in our DNA, and I think people are hungry for it again. And astrology helps you do that.

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She also believes in making astrology accessible beyond the internet, providing free or low-cost readings and workshops for people who need support but may not have the means. This belief in uplifting community is a family affair. Her wife, Sonya Passi , runs FreeFrom , which works to make safety affordable for all survivors of domestic violence so that they can build lives free from violence for themselves and their children.

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  • Besides working on the book, Nicholas still posts horoscopes and calls to action daily. My wife and I usually have a long talk before bed. We also tend to wake up and talk about the dreams that we had the night before if we have time.

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    I feel like sleep and dreaming is such an important place to process the events of our waking lives. We both have a very active dream life and are constantly referring to them as the events of the day unfold. My go-to comfort food is whipped cream.