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Ramanathan Chettiar of Valayapatti. As he was childless for several years after marriage, he consulted Kunjan Nair on the prospects of his progeny. Kunjan Nair advised him to get married for the second time so that he could have children through both his wives! It happened exactly the way Kunjan Nair had predicted. Ramanathan Chettiar was overwhelmed by the astrological prowess of Kunjan Nair and requested him to take up his permanent residence in Valayapatti.

There began the contact of Balan Nair's family with Valayapatti village in Chettinadu. Both of them were taken to Burma in the s by Ramanathan Chettiar. It is a known sociological fact that several families belonging to Nagarathar community from Chettinadu started going to Burma for doing trade and commerce in the years after and this trend became very pronounced after Ramanathan Chettiar put Kunjan Nair and his brother Velayudham Nair in touch with all the leading Nagarathar families living in Burma at that time. This helped both the brothers to make a reasonable fortune.

Velayudham Nair became famous in Chettinad from to It was Velayudham Nair who had correctly predicted the future greatness of Sir Annamalai Chettiar even in his childhood days. Later, Kannan Nair who was a nephew of Velayudham Nair and his friend Karunakaran Nair went together to Valayapatti to practice astrology in the s. Kannan Nair's sister's son is Balan Nair.

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Right from the age of 5, Balan Nair, like all his predecessors, started learning Sanskrit, Malayalam, Sastras, Vedas,Vaidyam, Mandram and Jothidam at the Kuzhalmannam village school which was called in those days as 'Ezhutholi'. He was drafted to Valayapatti in , at the age of 11 to learn astrology from Kannan Nair. Balan Nair recalls one particular miraculous incident in his life with great spiritual fervour. At the age of 18, while learning Jothidam at the feet of Kannan Nair in Valayapatti village, some Devatha appeared in his sleep and drew something with a sharp instrument on his tongue.

This thrilling experience is narrated by Balan Nair with great humility and reverence and the vertical lines can be noticed on the top of his tongue even now. Balan Nair told me that learning astrology was a unique experience those days.

According to Balan Nair, one's full life is not enough to learn all these branches of astrology. It contains 16 chapters with about slokhas. There are a few other things to be learnt which are not found in traditional books on astrology. They are called 'Vishesha vidhi' which are in the nature of exceptions not to be found in known treatises in the field of astrology and are meant to be communicated only orally by a Guru to a Sishya and in no other fashion.

Balan Nair says with earnestness and modesty.

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When I asked him about the fundamental texts which formed the basis of his astrological training, he named great astrological works like Kala Vidhanam, Muhurtha Madhaviyam, Jathaka Desam, Jathaka Parijadam and Phaladeepika, apart from the core Vedic texts like Parasara's Hora Sashtra and Varahamihara's Brihat Jathaka. When I asked him what are the qualities of an outstanding astrologer, he listed them in the following order: Bakthi, Humility, Discipline, Intelligence, Equanimity of mind, capacity to treat everyone as equal, and above all a passionate concern not only for human but global welfare.

Balan Nair came to Chennai in from Valayapatti. Later he shifted to a village on the outskirts of Chennai. Thousands flock to him to get his astrological advice at Vengaivasal Village near Medavakkam in Kancheepuram District. He has built a beautiful temple for Goddess Mookambika.

He is living in his own house adjacent to this temple making himself available for all those who need his astrological guidance or advice. A man of Himalayan learning in the world of Vedic Astrology, he wants to remain anonymous.

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He told me with great humility: 'In the ocean of Jothida Sastra, I am like a catamaran a wooden plank trying to cross the mighty ocean of the past, present and future'. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest.

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